Manifesto by the Fire Fighters Union of Catalonia

These last few days Catalonia’s basic rights and freedom are being severely violated. The events are escalating by trampling on the most basic democratic values.

We witnessed the limitation of freedom of speech, of press, of assembly, as well as the delivery of threats regarding barring, sanctioning and suiting elected public officials of our country.

What started some days ago with raids in print shops, newsrooms and mail companies, was just a tiny prelude followed by 700 mayors being called to declare by the public prosecutor’s office, public workers and senior officials being arrested, information websites being blocked, and recently the takeover of the Catalan police (Mossos d’Esquadra) by the Spanish government.

  • In the face of these events, the Fire Fighters want to:
    Express our rejection in front of these violations of rights.
  • Give our support to Mossos d’Esquadra in these difficult times, and let them know that the Fire Fighters Union are their allies.
  • Call out for peaceful resistance in front of any act of violence. We are an emergency and safety brigade whose goal is to prevent risks, and right now when the situation is demanding so, we want to transmit calm. We are, and we will be, right here.

Fire Fighters have always been beside the people. The root of our job is commitment with the society. We are a public service that has always looked after the citizens, and will always do so. With no exceptions, in a crosswise way. And right there, in this crosswise sense, is where we find an unappealable common core called democracy, in need, now more than ever, of our determination.

We have always felt loved by the people, and now, in a moment when our rights are being crushed, our response can only be to stand by the people, together, and if this means to go out to the streets, we will go out.


Fire Fighters in defence of peace and democracy.

Manifesto published on September 27, 2017